Current Open Play Times
Please call ahead as they are subject to change.

 OPEN   PLAY          Sessions

Youth soccer players

Bring the party to you with our mobile unit.

   The Ultimate Foam Battle!

             This aint your Mama's basement!

There is open play provided year round, rain or shine. Open play is recommended ages 4 and up, there is no age limit. Players take direction from the referee's who organizes all the games. The price of open play is $20.00 per player per hour. The time starts when you walk into the arena, so no need to be there on the hour. Below is the open play schedule, groups of 5 or more please call ahead to ensure adequate space. 


New York Dart Zone offers a variety of games and scenarios from kids to adults. Our 5,400sqft facility will be the ultimate place to host your foam war. We supply all the blasters and eye ware, all you need is sneakers and a great attitude. Our staff is trained to make your day a memorable one. We have foam flooring and bunkers to ensure safety comes first. Best part is there are no darts for you to clean up!


Thursday March 7th:  We will Not have any open play.

Friday March 8th: We will have open play from

8:45PM - 11:00PM.

Saturday March 9th: We will have open play from 8:45PM-11:00PM.

Sunday March 10th: We will have open play from 1:45PM-5:00PM.

Wednesday March 13th: We will have open play from 4:15PM-7:45PM

Thursday March 14th: We will have open play from 4:15PM - 7:45PM.


                     Long Islands First Foam Dart Arena

Friday March 15th: We will have open play from  7:45PM - 11:00PM.

Saturday March 16th:  We will have open play from 8:45PM - 11:00PM.

Sunday March 17: We will have have open play from 5:15PM-7:00PM.

Wednesday March 20th and Thursday 21st:  We will not have any open play.

Friday March 22nd: We will have open play from 8:15-11:00PM.

Saturday March 23rd: We will have open play from 5:15PM-11:00PM