Rules and Orientation                

Goggles must be worn at all times while in the arena NO EXCEPTIONS! The lobby is the only place goggles  may be removed.

 You can bring your own blaster, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO SHOOTING in the main lobby.

•  Referees have final say in all matters on and off the field. If you disagree with a call, you may discuss it with  referees after the game.

No modded Blasters,Home mades or Stefans without prior approval.

• Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated. Everyone is a winner and the purpose here is to have fun!

• Sneakers and normal dress are required, no sneakers, no shirt, no play.

• Everyone must sign a waiver before they can play. People ages 17 and under must have a signed waiver  completed by their legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS!