Types of Gameplay

Human VS Zombies

Choose players to be zombies, the rest will be humans.Both teams can not cross the orange line. When only two humans remain Zombies can cross the line!

How Zombies win: By making all humans turn to the Zombie side!! Humans are turned by being shot and must join the Zombie side.

How Humans win: Eliminate all Zombies by blasting them 5 times and their targets,head shots are automatic DEATH.

Capture the flag

Two teams must compete to capture flag in center of room.If hit you must return the flag and respawn from your starting base. Players that are shot 3 times are eliminated from play.

Sharp Shooter

Shoot down all opponents targets.Teams are invulnerable until their targets are shot.Once there targets are shot down player elimination will begin.

My last 6 Shots

Players are given only 6 shots and must make them count.If you are shot you do not respawn. If a player is out of ammo he may pick up a fallen comrades weapon if it has ammo.Last players standing must do a 3 shot duel.

Head Hunters
In this game only head shots will remove players from the game, last man standing wins.Center line is only in effect for 5 minutes, players can cross it after that time.

Freeze Tag
In this game if you get hit by the other team you are frozen. A player must touch or shoot you to become unfrozen. The first team freeze an entire team wins.